Monthly Turnover Report:Year 2021 FEBRUARY

2021 FEBRUARY Unit: NTD 1000
Items Consolidated Net Operating Revenue
NTD Functional Currency (RMB)
Current Month 202,911 46,286.00
Same Period Last Year 2,874 668.00
Change in Amount 200,037 45,618.00
Change in Percentage 6,960.23 6,829.04
Current Year Cumulative 424,623 96,787.00
Last Year Cumulative 528,040 121,841.00
Change in Amount -103,417 -25,054.00
Change in Percentage -19.59 -20.56
Exchange Rate for This Month 4.3838
This year’s Cumulative Conversion Rate 4.3872
Remark Affected by the epidemic, the order volume of agents was reduced, and the price reduction strategy was adopted to encourage agents to increase the order volume, which affected the performance of this month.

Note 1: Net Operating Revenue  of New Taiwan Dollar for the month = Net Functional Currency Revenue for the month × Exchange Rate for the month

Note 2: Net Accumulated Operating Revenue of New Taiwan Dollar for the year = Net Accumulated Operating Revenue of Functional Currency for the year × This year’s cumulative conversion of foreign exchange