Annual Calendar

2018 Holiday Scheduled

Event Date Day Description
Founding of the Republic of China (also New Year’s Day) January 1 Monday One Day Holiday
Market Trading January 2 Tuesday Market Trading
The Last Trading Day Before the Lunar New Year February 12 Monday February 13 and 14 no trading, market opens only for Clearing & Settlement.
Lunar New Year’s Eve February 15 Thursday One Day Holiday
Chinese New Year Festival February 16
February 17
February 18
February 19
February 20
There will be a 3-day holiday on February 16, February 17, February 18.

February 17 and 18 are on Saturday and Sunday, February 19 (Monday) and February 20 (Tuesday) compensatory leave 1 day.

Market Trading After the Lunar New Year February 21 Wednesday Market Trading After the Lunar New Year.
Peace Memorial Day February 28 Wednesday One Day Holiday。
Children’s Day April 4 Wednesday One Day Holiday。
Tomb Sweeping Day April 5
April 6
One Day Holiday. Adjusted Holiday for April 6

Compensated by Saturday 31 March

Labor Day May 1 Tuesday One Day Holiday
Dragon Boat Festival June 18 Monday One Day Holiday。
Mid-autumn Festival September 2 Monday One Day Holiday
National Day October 10 Wednesday One Day Holiday
Republic Day Holiday December 31 2018
January 1 2019
Compensated by Saturday 22 December