About Us

Company Introduction

Topbi International Holdings Limited

(I)    TOPBI International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company, the group or TOPBI International company) was established in the British Cayman Islands on October 3, 2012 and completed the restructuring of the group structure in the fourth quarter. Our important investment business has Topbi Children Apparel Co., Limited (淘帝兒童服飾有限公司)、Fujian SDO Textile & Industry Goods Corp., Limited (史帝歐(福建)輕紡用品有限公司) and Topbi (China) Fashion Corporation Limited (淘帝(中國)服飾有限公司). Topbi (China) Fashion Corporation Limited is the main operating entity of the group, while the remaining are investment holding companies.

(II)   The group is mainly engaged in the design of children’s clothing from 1 to 16 years old, the sales target is agents in China. The company has set up sales outlets in 16 provinces and 3 municipalities in China through 25 agents and targets to China consumers. In addition to maintaining a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with agents, the company is always keep abreast of the latest development direction and fashion trend of the market and designs products that meet the needs of consumers with fashion concepts. The company’s operation team has rich experience in the children’s clothing industry. With the support of the high-quality management team since its establishment, the company has been recognized by China garment association as one of the top ten children’s wear brands in China, which has gained considerable benefits in business development and has considerable competitive advantages and market position in the industry.

Chairman’s Introduction

–       Zhou Xun Cai, China National Garment Association Children Apparel Committee

–       1983-1993 Worked at Fujian Textile and Garment Trade Company

–       1993 Immigrated to Hong Kong to pursue OEM apparel manufacturing and trade- clients including GSA, TUC, H&M etc international apparel brands

–       2002 Established Topbi (China) Fashion Corporation Limited



Brand Culture

Core Values: Accompanying the children as their pixies as they grow up!

Brand Vision: Becoming the leading brand in oceanic cultured children’s apparel in China!

Brand Motto: Dress the children in health and comfort!

Brand DNA: Courage, sunshine, friendship, excellence

Product Positioning

  1. Target consumers of product: Ages 2-12 year olds; Height : 100 cm – 165 cm
  2. Product style: Adult, light fashion, simple and minimalist design, bright color
  3. Product type: Attractive, preferential, main promoted product, image
  4. Product Price: Spring and summer: 59-359 yuan; Autumn and winter: 79-699 yuan.
  5. Channel: Street shops, shopping malls, department stores

Company History

Annual Important notes on the evolution of the company and the group
February 2004 Fuzhou Topbi Clothing Co. LTD registered (Fuzhou Topbi Company)
September 2005 FUJIAN SDO TEXTILE &INDUSTRY GOODS CORP., LTD registered (SDO Company)
October 2007 The change of the business scope of Fuzhou Topbi (from “production and processing of various clothing products” to “production and processing of all kinds of clothing products, TOPBI clothing products franchising”)
December 2007 Obtain the product quality award of Fuzhou city by the people’s government of Fuzhou city
March 2010 “TOPBI” brand was awarded the second “top ten children’s clothing brand” issued by the China apparel association.
February 2011 TOPBI Children Apparel Co., Limited registered (Hong Kong Topbi Company)
December 2011 TOPBI graphics trademark was appraised by Fujian provincial administration of industry and commerce as “famous trademark of Fujian province”
October 2012 Topbi International Holdings Limited registered (Topbi International Company)
October 2012 TOPBI international company has acquired 100% of the Hong Kong TOPBI company by issuing new shares in exchange for equity
November 2012 Obtained by the ministry of industry and information technology and the China textile industry association as the “key tracking and cultivation of Chinese clothing home textile independent brand enterprises.”
December 2012 The company’s equity restructuring registration completed
May 2013 “TOPBI” brand has been awarded the 3rd “China’s top 10 children’s clothing brands” by the China apparel association.
December 2013 TOPBI international company successfully listed in Taiwan
January 2014 The total investment of TOPBI in Fuzhou increased from RMB 63 million to RMB 180 million
March 2014 “TOPBI” brand was awarded the “best visual merchandise award” by the organizing committee of China international garment fair
July 2014 Name changed from Fuzhou Topbi Clothing Co. LTD to Topbi (China) Fashion Corp., LTD. (Topbi China Company)
October 2015 The “TOPBI” brand has won the award of “excellence” in China’s national garment quality supervision and inspection center
November 2015 TOPBI was awarded the top 200 list of small and medium sized enterprises in Asia in 2015
January 2016 “TOPBI” brand was awarded the top 10 babies clothing brand in 2015
March 2016 “TOPBI” brand was awarded the 4th “China’s top 10 children’s wear brand” by the Chinese apparel association
December 2016 “TOPBI” brand has been awarded the title of independent brand enterprise of apparel home textile in 2016
January 2017 “TOPBI” brand has won the “national children’s clothing industry quality benchmark enterprise” issued by the Chinese apparel association.
November 2017 “TOPBI” brand has won the “Evaluation certificate of integrated management system of two industries” issued by China classification society quality certification company.
March 2018 “TOPBI” brand through the provincial department of industry and information technology provincial integration of key projects identified.
November 2018 “TOPBI” brand won the title of “Independent brand enterprise of clothing and home textile” in 2018.
May 2019 “TOPBI” brand was awarded “Advanced Private Enterprise” by FuJian branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China.
July 2019 “TOPBI” brand was awarded the title of “2018 top 100 enterprises in China’s garment industry” by China Garment Association.